Parent Network

The centerpiece of our advocacy are the parents, family members and caregivers of Californians with intellectual and developmental disabilities who historically have had little say about what they need.

The Legislature seldom directly hear from parent-caregivers, who often lack the time and financial resources to fix a broken system, when so much of their energy is focused on the day to day needs of their families.

We started The Parents Organizing Network to help parents. An experienced project director and trained community organizers will work to teach parents how to share their life-experiences to advocate for their loved ones.

Our focus is to use existing partners and technology to make possible direct contact with legislators where they live, not having to travel to Sacramento.

Network staff provide the technical assistance and political resources to parent groups throughout the state. This organizing methodology is parent-driven democratic advocacy used to unite common interests for common purpose.

The Network helps parents to “find their voice” to explain how adults with disabilities can find their way in a world that often seems indifferent to their needs.

More about The Parents Organizing Network and opportunities to assist are available by contacting Project Director Dave Manson at