Rachel Michelin

President of the California Retailers Association

Rachel Michelin is President of the California Retailers Association (CRA),the most significant voice representing the retail industry in California’s public policy arena, at the State Capitol, in City Halls and with regulatory bodies across the state. Michelin oversees a diverse board and membership representing retail throughout the state and nation from small brick and mortar, to franchises to national retailers and on-line merchants.

Rachel has led associations for over 20 years with visionary leadership including strategic growth and engagement, increasing revenue, developing partnerships, statewide influence and public awareness. Rachel has demonstrated success through a strong bipartisan leadership network she has built with key influencers in the public and private sectors.

Rachel was reappointed by Governor Brown to the State Board of Optometry, where she has served since 2014. Prior to California Retailers, Michelin lead California Women Lead as Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director since 2002. She also served as Program and Policy Director for the CaliforniaElected Women’s Association for Education and Research (CEWAER), Communications Director and District Director for members of the State Assembly.

Rachel is a Senior Fellow of the American Leadership Forum -Mountain Valley Chapter and received her bachelor’s of arts from the California State University, Fullerton majoring in Communications -Journalism and minor in Political Science.