All too often, well-intentioned Legislators and their staff, are flooded by professional special interest groups!   We now have an opportunity for the voices of individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities (IDD), and their families, to be heard. 

California’s unprecedented budget surplus provides a unique situation to improve the lives of some of our most vulnerable and underserved Californians.  Specifically, last year’s budget provided for a long-overdue increase in the wages of the staff who work with and support our IDD consumers.  Currently many of these dedicated professionals are working at near minimum-wage levels. 

The problem is that California’s rate increase, although a step in the right direction, is being phased in and implemented OVER A PERIOD OF 5 YEARS.  As you know, this is potentially catastrophic since:
              ¨ Many of the staff cannot continue living on their current wages. 
            ¨ They will leave the profession of supporting our loved ones.
            ¨ Many individuals with IDD will suffer.
            ¨ Legislators should not be telling individuals with IDD and their families that,
                 they must wait 5 years for the services & supports that are needed RIGHT NOW!!
            ¨ It’s not fair, appropriate, or humane.

Click on the link below to find out who your state legislators are. Call their district offices TODAY to let them know now is the time we need their support. Be sure to call both your Senator and your Assemblyperson.

We have provided sample talking points below, but speak from your heart and your experience!