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The California Policy Center for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (CPCIDD) is a non-partisan think tank established to inform, support, and improve upon statewide policies that impact the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Center’s focus is to identify priorities and challenges within the IDD community and provide policy recommendations based on objective, evidence-based research, data, and policy analysis to help inform the community, as well as the policymaking process.

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California is the only state in the nation that has an entitlement to services and supports for people with IDD and their families. This entitlement is known as the Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act (Lanterman Act) and it creates a legal right for people with IDD to receive services and supports, based on individual needs, to live as independent and productive lives as possible in the community. To implement the Lanterman Act, the California Department of Developmental Services (DDS) contracts with 21 Regional Centers throughout the state to coordinate services and supports to over 350,000 individuals with IDD and their families.

The system of services and supports for people with IDD as well as the number of people being served, has grown, and changed dramatically since the enactment of the Lanterman Act in 1969. While the Lanterman Act has been amended many times over the years the fundamental principle remains the same in that people with IDD and their families have a right to get the services and supports they need to live the same as people without disabilities in the community. There is an immense amount of policy – housing, employment, transportation, workforce, rate reform, access to dental care, access to health care, education, state budget, public safety, and the list goes on – that directly impacts the IDD community. CPCIDD will serve as an important conduit between individuals with IDD, families, advocates, experts, stakeholders,and the various branches of California’s Government for trusted policy insights and the impacts of these policies on the IDD community.